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smartBPO by fransysco


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This is us.

smartBPO by fransysco is positioned as a comprehensive solution in the field of Business Process Outsourcing, designed to meet the demands of a global market.

This platform stands out for its strict compliance with international regulations, ensuring data protection and customer privacy.

Its team, experts in various languages ​​and cultures, is prepared to offer effective communication with clients from different countries.

With an advanced technological infrastructure, it guarantees efficient and secure management of operations, and is adaptable to different time zones.

The company's commitment to quality and continuous improvement is reflected in its processes, aimed at raising service standards.

Flexibility and scalability are key to its approach, allowing it to quickly adapt to the changing needs of the international market.

This proactive and personalized approach to the client ensures not only meeting expectations but exceeding them, setting a new standard in international outsourcing.


Meet our amazing Leaders

Retrato de Francisco Jose Serrano Vargas


Visionary and expert in internationalization of brands and franchises. With over 30 years of experience, his innovative approach to developing profitable businesses and expanding across multiple sectors sets him apart. His expertise ranges from consulting and brokerage in franchises to the implementation of retail and food service projects, with in-depth knowledge of markets in Latin America, the United States and China.

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Stands out for his leadership in the identification and development of business opportunities. With experience in managing strategic business relationships and supervising operations and international accounts, his role is fundamental to the growth and success of the company. Daniel coordinates with other departments to guarantee customer satisfaction and compliance with business objectives, providing his strategic vision and interpersonal skills for the development of lasting and beneficial business relationships.

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A highly experienced professional in franchising, expansion projects, and business strategy. With a specialized focus on opening markets and sales in Latin America, her career includes notable roles as Expansion Director at Franchise Systems Colombia and Commercial Executive at Lloyds TSB. Her ability to lead expansion projects and her experience in business consulting make her a fundamental pillar for the commercial development of smartBPO by Fransysco